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VIP Launch Viewing: SpaceX Starlink 1 11/11/19


11.11.2019 Falcon 9 Starlink 1:
ET Launch Hours: 9:00 am Opening for Launch Ticket holders only. ET will remain open following the launch.
When: November 11th, 2019.
Launch Time: 10:00 am.

Launch Mission:
Starlink 1 | A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is expected to launch the second batch of approximately 60 satellites for SpaceX’s Starlink broadband network, a mission designated Starlink 1. *referenced from

VIP Launch Viewing Tickets are non-refundable. Purchased tickets to see the launch are mission-specific (example: Atlas 5 AEHF5). Launches can be scheduled for any date/time. Launch tickets are valid for admission to Exploration Tower (ET) day of the launch and for the Launch Viewing scheduled time.

In the event of a Scrub or Reschedule/Delay:
If the launch is scrubbed or rescheduled/delayed while at ET for the launch, your ticket will be good for the next scheduled date/time of that mission. *

If the launch is scrubbed or rescheduled/delayed before the originally scheduled date, the ticket will be good for the next scheduled date of that mission. *

*This is subject to change based on ET availability. ET may have a previously scheduled event and cannot accommodate the new scheduled launch date/time. Therefore, Launch tickets will not be honored for the new mission date. Launch time and date are subject to change at any time
Tripods, chairs, etc. are not permitted during launch viewing.
Exploration Tower does not guarantee the visibility of rocket launches due to weather conditions.

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