Friday , February 26 2021

Port Canaveral Master Plan Adds Three Cruise Terminals

Port Canaveral’s transformation has been long in the making. The newly released 30-year master plan proposes adding three new cruise terminals by 2030 and includes up to five more restaurants, a conference center attached to its existing Exploration Tower and a commercial fishing village.

A welcome addition to the Port’s master plan is the proposal for an “inlet” from the Port’s harbor to the a man-made lake surrounding the Exploration Tower. The new inlet will be surrounded by shops, restaurants, a new park and a commercial fishing village.

The latest plan will eliminates some of the less-desirable Port developments that have generated controversy in the past such as a cargo rail route over the Banana River linking the port cargo area to the mainland.

The current master plan would place the first two new terminals on the south side of the port, east of the Cove area and west of Jetty Park. The third new terminal could be on the port’s north side, where the relatively small Cruise Terminal 5 currently is located. The master plan also includes upgrades to Cruise Terminals 8 and 10 on the port’s north side.


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