Tuesday , October 4 2022


Public Parks In Port Canaveral

Whether you’re in the mood to catch some fish, have a picnic with your family or just going on a stroll outside to enjoy the scenery, beautiful weather and warm sunshine will be your continuous companion. Travel outdoors and enjoy what the parks in Port Canaveral have to offer. Located right on the water, the parks in Port Canaveral sit on acres of land that offer breathing taking views of the river and wildlife and memories that will last a lifetime.

The parks in the Port offer wonderful opportunities to camp, lounge on the beach, take scenic walks, view the outdoors and see the wildlife up close. In addition to the three parks in Port Canaveral, there is a mile and a half bike path located at the eastern side of Jetty Park that runs through the Port.

The one of the most popular parks in Port Canaveral is Jetty Park, which includes a concession stand, fishing pier, pavilion rentals and a playground area for the kids. Since Jetty Park is located foot steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and inside the second busiest Port in the world, guests come from all over to experience this one-of-a-kind camping experience.

The park offers tent camping options or RV camping options with amenities included. Don’t be surprised if you see rocket launches, cruise ships, submarines and wildlife while you are enjoying your stay at Jetty Park.

Other parks located in the Port are Rodney S. Ketcham Park and Freddie Patrick Park. These two parks are a great and secluded spot to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your family and friends.  Amenities included at these two parks are boat ramps, picnic pavilions, fishing, picnic tables, parking and restrooms.

With acres of beautiful terrain and perfectly landscaped parkland and pavilions, these three parks have everything you need for an awesome afternoon or relaxing evening. The tropical climate and cool breeze makes every day feel like summer at the parks in Port Canaveral.