Wednesday , February 19 2020

Calling All Fishermen to the Canaveral Mac Attack



Wouldn’t it be great if you could get $10,000 just from catching a single fish? Well at the Canaveral Mac Attack, in Port Canaveral, you can.


Competition tends to bring out the best of people, and the Canaveral Mac Attack is no exception. Men and women alike are competing for the biggest fish to win the first place prize.




Fishermen from across the state come to compete in this adrenaline rushing fishing tournament, and they come prepared. Last year, the Canaveral Merchants Association hosted the Canaveral Mac Attack, which focuses primarily on Kingfish, Dolphin and Wahoo.


This is a one day fishing contest, so be sure you have time on your side. Fishermen, make sure you try your best to catch that big fish because each category has thousands of dollars in cash prizes.



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