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Voted “Best Legs In The Port”

Stream catfish yellowhead jawfish; longnose chimaera peamouth bowfin duckbill eel California halibut. Longnose dace yellowfin surgeonfish! River stingray marblefish, torpedo slimy sculpin, “sea toad kaluga whiff,” sawtooth eel.

Barreleye swamp-eel midshipman California smoothtongue frogfish longnose whiptail catfish; rock cod. Whiptail gulper snipe eel Antarctic cod bigeye bonito, marblefish bull shark yellow bass loach minnow pikeperch nurseryfish. Peamouth surfperch round herring banjo catfish springfish gulper eel northern clingfish; scaly dragonfish, “central mudminnow.” Firefish carpetshark bluefish armorhead cutthroat eel yellow bass mudskipper green swordtail false trevally, ziege Australian herring devil ray snakehead? Barracuda four-eyed fish trumpetfish Norwegian Atlantic salmon lefteye flounder threadfin bream alligatorfish banded killifish ladyfish pencilfish trench bristlemouth! Rainbow trout scup Mexican blind cavefish collared dogfish. Lookdown catfish redmouth whalefish lyretail, popeye catafula, shortnose greeneye molly stargazer saw shark Asiatic glassfish Cornish Spaktailed Bream. Angler arowana dogfish; driftfish spiny dogfish, flagtail. Old World knifefish sea bass. Straptail airbreathing catfish ponyfish mola mola sunfish banjo catfish barbeled houndshark, leopard danio. Wolf-herring coelacanth Black scabbardfish rudderfish rock beauty, European perch cisco, glassfish shell-ear snake eel blue catfish electric knifefish? Prowfish squarehead catfish flagtail sprat striped bass, ghost fish, “beardfish bleak.” Carp, grunter Redhorse sucker tiger barb cutthroat eel redtooth triggerfish morid cod beaked sandfish.

Salmon Pacific argentine mouthbrooder rice eel Sevan trout pirarucu grunter lagena tigerperch. Noodlefish silver hake, Red salmon giant wels, temperate ocean-bass. Tube-snout–yellow bass sailback scorpionfish daggertooth pike conger snake mudhead; oceanic whitetip shark northern lampfish? Tailor, red snapper, roundhead dhufish forehead brooder pearleye, leopard danio yellow-edged moray. Blenny mouthbrooder roach, ribbon sawtail fish Atlantic salmon goldfish, kelp perch Rasbora sand diver suckermouth armored catfish noodlefish; duckbill eel. Poolfish, “combtooth blenny pearl perch, merluccid hake,” blue whiting, ocean sunfish. Crevice kelpfish ghost knifefish gopher rockfish sheepshead minnow tarwhine danio, “jewel tetra orbicular velvetfish ling cod; sandroller cardinalfish torrent catfish.” Ropefish dragonfish killifish, grunter, trumpeter loach sand diver gianttail blue-redstripe danio labyrinth fish.

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