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Canaveral Mac Attack Fishing Tournament

 The Canaveral Mac Attack Fishing Tournament is a Kingfish, Dolphin, and Wahoo tournament in Port Canaveral on June 17, from 6am – 5:30pm. The tournament will be held in The Cove at Port Canaveral, the property between Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill and Baja Chowder & Eats (613 Glen Cheek Drive, Cape Canaveral, FL). There will be a Captain’s party on Friday before the tournament, June 16.

The tournament benefits the Cove Merchant’s Association, a 501c(6) organization, as well as three-year-old Curren Ramsey and his family. Curren (a 5th Generation Brevardian) was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called HIVEP2 Syndrome. Learn more about Curren and HIVEP2 here. Last year, the CMA was able to present a check for $8500 to the Ability Plus Foundation to aid Curren’s treatment.

Registration is on June 16 from 4-8pm. The tournament boundaries are from south of Ponce Inlet to the North of Sebastian Inlet, for a total of 50 nautical miles from the Port. The Canaveral Mac Attack is a Southern Kingfish Association-sanctioned tournament for Division 8.

To enter, the registration fee before May 30 is $200 and the registration fee after May 30 is $250. Scales open at 3pm for the weigh-in.


Kingfish: 1st place, $10,000. 2nd place, $5,000

Dolphin: 1st place, $2,000

Wahoo: 1st place, $2,000